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Privacy Policy  

Privacy policy

We refer, for practicality, to the privacy policy of the MyMilitaria website which is an integral part of this notice. MyMilitaria di Gian Domenico Carstulovich operates conforming to Italian legislation regarding privacy (to date, the main reference beeing Lgs.D. n. 196/2003 and consequent modifications and integrations). The holder of the treatment is MyMilitaria di Gian Domenico Carstulovich Tax code 05655810967, having legal offices in Milan, via Giovanni da Procida 6. Personal data collected during registration (see: Registration) or browsing (see: Cookies) will be treated by MyMilitaria staff. MyMilitaria can communicate data to companies, professional studios and advisors working for MyMilitaria and that have engaged in respecting the same level of personal data protection guaranteed by MyMilitaria. Personal data may be transferred abroad in countries that do not belong to the European Union. The contacts of the persons in charge of treating data for MyMilitaria can be found in this webpage. Data will remain available to the person it belongs to: the main rights regarding the privacy issue are stated in art. 7 of Lgs.D. n. 196/2003. For any further information and to answer any question please send an e-mail to

Some of the services MyMilitaria supplies to its website's users can be provided only after registration by the user. Registration is free and data will be treated by MyMilitaria exclusively respecting consent (revocable at any time) given by the users and after giving specific notice. If data should not be supplied, this simply means impossibility to obtain the services offered by MyMilitaria to registered users.

The MyMilitaria website uses cookies to automatically identify some data regarding visitors. This data is only used for statistical reasons and to assure the correct and efficient functioning of the website and of the offered services. The information collected is: IP address, browser type, operative system, host and URL, and, of course data contained in the visited pages. This information will be kept anonymous, i.e. it is not connectable to a single user. Identification data, otherwise eventually collected, is not directly associated to data obtained through the cookies. Cookies may be applied to the partners' banners but only and exclusively for statistical reasons. Acquisition of such data will be carried out in a completely anonymous way.
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